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Amendment 13: Modifications to Spiny Lobster Gear Requirements and Cooperative Management Procedures


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Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Affected Species
Action Status
Final Rule
Effective 8/30/2019,except for amendments to Sec. Sec. 622.403(b) and 622.413(b)(3),which are effective 07/26/2019.The incorporation by reference listed in this rule is approved as of 08/30/2019. Incorporation by reference of material in Sec. 622.413( b)(
Point of Contact
Kelli O'Donnell,, 727-824-5305 



The final rule for Amendment 13 modifies federal regulations for the harvest of spiny lobster that apply in federal waters off Florida to be compatible with Florida state regulations concerning bully net gear requirements and commercial daily possession limits when using bully nets or diving.  The final rule for Amendment 13 also re-establishes the procedure for an enhanced cooperative management system to provide Florida a mechanism to propose regulations concerning spiny lobster directly to NOAA Fisheries for implementation.  Furthermore, the final rule for Amendment 13 modifies the spiny lobster federal regulations by updating outdated language and the incorporation by reference of the relevant Florida state regulations, which includes the new soak time for commercial spiny lobster traps.  These changes streamline management and provide clarity for law enforcement and anglers.


Amendment 13: Modifications to the Spiny Lobster Gear Requirements and Cooperative Management Procedures


Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on 05/11/2021

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