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Amendment 48 to the Gulf Reef Fish FMP and Amendment 5 to the Gulf Red Drum FMP


Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Affected Species
Action Status
Point of Contact
Peter Hood: peter.hood@noaa.gov; 727-824-5305
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Mutton Snapper
Mutton Snapper

Amendment 48 to the Fishery Management Plan (FMP) for Reef Fish Resources of the Gulf of Mexico and Amendment 5 to the FMP for the Red Drum Fishery of the Gulf of Mexico (Amendments 48/5) were developed to establish or modify maximum sustainable yield (MSY) proxies, overfishing and overfished determination criteria called maximum fishing mortality thresholds (MFMTs), and minimum stock size thresholds (MSSTs), respectively, and optimum yield (OY) for some reef fish species and red drum.  Status determination criteria are the MSY, MFMT, and MSST and are measurable and objective values or proxies that are used to determine if overfishing has occurred, or if the stock or stock complex is overfished. Overfishing means too many fish are being harvested from a population and overfished means that the population is too low.



NOAA Fisheries Approves New Criteria for Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish and Red Drum Management

FB22-033: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Bulletin; for more information, contact: Peter Hood: 727-824-5305, Peter.Hood@noaa.gov.
June 09, 2022 -

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