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Caribbean Corals and Reef Associated Plants and Invertebrates Historical Amendments and Rulemaking (1995-2017)


This FMP manages coral reef resources, including a vast array of coral and sponge species, plants, and invertebrates that provide habitats that are essential to the growth, development, and survival of managed finfish and other marine organisms.
Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Action Status
Final Rule
List of amendments to the fishery management plan from 1995 to 2017.
Point of Contact
Southeast Regional Office 727-824-5305


The list below contains information about amendments and rule-making that were effective during 2017 and earlier. For more information, please visit the Caribbean Corals and Reef Associated Plants and Invertebrates FMP page.

Amendment 6: Timing of Accountability Measure-Based Closures

Amendment 5: Application of Accountability Measures

Amendment 4: Seagrass Management

Amendment 3: 2011 Comprehensive Annual Catch Limit Amendment

(2011 Caribbean Annual Catch Limit Amendment)

Amendment 2: Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries Act Amendment

Amendment 1: ;Establishing a Marine Conservation District

Corals and Reef Associated Plants and Invertebrates Fishery Management Plan

  • Proposed Rule, 60 FR 46806.
  • Final Rule, 60 FR 58221. Effective December 27, 1995, except for Sec. 670.23(b), which becomes effective March 1, 1996.

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