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Framework Action: Modification of Gulf of Mexico Red Grouper Annual Catch Limits and Annual Catch Targets


The rule continues the Gulf of Mexico red grouper commercial and recreational ACL and ACT reductions implemented in 2019
Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Affected Species
Action Status
Proposed Rule
Point of Contact
Peter Hood: peter.hood@noaa.gov; 727-824-5305


The purpose of the rule is to continue the Gulf red grouper commercial and recreational annual catch limit (ACL) and annual catch target (ACT) reductions implemented in 2019. The reductions in harvest in 2019 were put in place through an emergency rule. The reason the annual catch limits and annual catch targets is to further protect the red grouper stock has shown signs of decline.

Federal Register


Continuation of Reductions in Gulf of Mexico Red Grouper Catch Levels

FB19-058 Fishery Bulletin. For more information, contact Peter Hood, (727) 824-5305, peter.hood@noaa.gov
October 01, 2019 -

Request for Comments: Proposed Rule to Continue Reductions in Gulf of Mexico Red Grouper Catch Levels

FB19-038 Gulf of Mexico Fishery Bulletin, For More Information, Contact: Peter Hood, (727) 824-5305, peter.hood@noaa.gov
July 19, 2019 -

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