Northeast Multispecies Fishery: Framework Adjustment 58


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Final Rule
Point of Contact
Mark Grant, Fishery Policy Analyst, 978-281-9145


This action proposes to approve and implement Framework Adjustment 58 to the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan. This rule would set 2019- 2020 catch limits for 7 of the 20 multispecies (groundfish) stocks, implement new or revised rebuilding plans for 5 stocks, revise an accountability measure, and make other minor changes to groundfish management measures. This action is necessary to respond to updated scientific information and to achieve the goals and objectives of the fishery management plan. The proposed measures are intended to help prevent overfishing, rebuild overfished stocks, achieve optimum yield, and ensure that management measures are based on the best scientific information available


Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishing Year 2019 Commercial Regulations

We have changed commercial groundfish quotas for seven stocks for the 2019…
July 18, 2019 -

Last updated on 07/18/2019