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Proposed 2024 Golden and Blueline Tilefish Fishery Specifications


Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Affected Species
Tilefish (Blueline Tilefish)
Action Status
Proposed Rule
Point of Contact
Doug Potts, 978-281-9314


NOAA Fisheries announced the proposed 2024 quota specifications for the golden and blueline tilefish fisheries north of the Virginia/North Carolina border. The proposed harvest limits for both species are status quo and are outlined in Tables 1 and 2. In addition, the rule proposes to shift the recreational season for blueline tilefish by two weeks. The new recreational season would be May 15 through November 14.

Table 1. Proposed Blueline Tilefish 2024 Specifications

ABC – North of NC/VA line

100,520 lb

Recreational ACL / ACT

73,380 lb

Commercial ACL / ACT

27,140 lb

Recreational TAL

71,912 lb)

Commercial TAL

26,869 lb

Table 2. Proposed Golden Tilefish 2024 Specifications


1,964,319 lb


1,964,319 lb

IFQ fishery ACT

1,763,478 lb

Incidental fishery ACT

92,815 lb

IFQ fishery TAL = IFQ ACT

(no discards permitted in fishery)

1,763,478 lb

Incidental fishery TAL = Incidental fishery ACT - discards

75,410 lb

The rule also proposes to adjust some ancillary dates in the regulations that derive from the start of the fishing year, but were not updated when the start of golden tilefish fishing year was changed to January 1.

Federal Register

Last updated by Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office on 11/14/2023