Proposed Rule to Implement Permitting and Reporting Requirements for Private Recreational Tilefish Vessels


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Laura Hansen, Fishery Management Specialist, 978-281-9225
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NOAA Fisheries is proposing regulations to implement permitting and reporting measures for private recreational tilefish vessels that were approved in Amendment 6 to the Tilefish Fishery Management Plan.

Proposed measures include requiring private recreational vessels that intend to target golden or blueline tilefish to obtain a federal private recreational tilefish vessel permit through an online application on the Greater Atlantic Regional Office website.

Proposed measures also include a requirement for private recreational tilefish vessels to fill out and submit a vessel trip report within 24 hours of returning to port for trips where tilefish were targeted and/or retained.

The intended effect of this action is to notify private recreation tilefish vessels of the proposed changes and to solicit public comment on these measures.

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Last updated by Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office on 01/29/2020