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Soliciting Comments on a Draft Outline of a Strategic Plan for Aquaculture Economic Development and on Updating the National Aquaculture Development Plan


Action Status
Point of Contact
David O'Brien (david.o'brien@noaa.gov)


NOAA is providing notification, on behalf of the National Science and Technology Council's Subcommittee on Aquaculture, of a 30-day comment period for the draft outline for the Strategic Plan for Aquaculture Economic Development.

The draft outline and public comments provided will shape a future Strategic Plan for Aquaculture Economic Development that supports a robust, resilient, and environmentally sustainable domestic aquaculture sector. The final plan will seek to support the viability and expansion of existing operations, and encourage new entrants. It is intended to maximize the effectiveness of existing federal policies and programs while strengthening public-private partnerships with federal stakeholders. This draft outline and the following strategic plan, when paired with the upcoming release of two other strategic plans—the National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture Research and the Strategic Plan on Enhancing Regulatory Efficiency in Aquaculture—will provide a holistic approach to supporting and expanding our domestic aquaculture sector.

These final plans will serve as vital components to update the National Aquaculture Development Plan. In place since 1983, the National Plan was intended to strengthen domestic aquaculture production. The Subcommittee on Aquaculture will update this plan using the three new strategic plans for Science, Regulatory Efficiency, and Economic Development. The subcommittee welcomes public input on the update through this public comment period.

To view the draft plans and learn more about the Economic Development plan in progress, please visit: ars.usda.gov/SCA/. For more information on the Strategic Plan for Aquaculture Economic Development, please contact task force co-chair David O’Brien at david.o'brien@noaa.gov.

Last updated by Office of Aquaculture on 03/03/2022