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South Atlantic Dolphin Wahoo Historical Amendments and Rulemaking (2003-2017)


Under the Dolphin Wahoo Fishery Management Plan, the South Atlantic Council manages dolphin and wahoo from the east coast of Florida to Maine.
Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Action Status
Final Rule
List of amendments to the fishery management plan from 2003 to 2017
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Southeast Regional Office 727-824-5305


The list below contains information about amendments and rule-making that were effective during 2017 and earlier. Please visit the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council's Dolphin Wahoo FMP page, and for more recent amendments and rule-making, please visit the Dolphin Wahoo FMP page.

Regulatory Amendment 1: Commercial Trip Limits for Dolphin

Established a commercial trip limit for Atlantic dolphin for vessels with a Federal commercial permit for Atlantic dolphin and wahoo.

Amendment 8: Generic Accountability Measures and Dolphin Allocation Amendment

Modify Accountability Measures for snapper-grouper species and the golden crab fishery; adjust sector allocations for dolphin.

Amendment 7: Provision to Allow Dolphin and Wahoo Fillets to be Brought into the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone from the Bahamas; Related Issues for Dolphin Wahoo and Snapper-Grouper Species

Allowed dolphin and wahoo fillets to enter the U.S. EEZ after lawful harvest in The Bahamas; Specified the condition of any dolphin, wahoo, and snapper-grouper fillets; described how the recreational bag limit is determined for any fillets; explicitly prohibited the sale or purchase of any dolphin, wahoo, or snapper grouper recreationally harvested in The Bahamas; specified the required documentation to be onboard any vessels that have these fillets; specified transit and stowage provisions for any vessels with fillets.

Amendment 6: Generic For-Hire Reporting

The amendment was included under the Generic charter/headboat reporting amendment, that would modify required logbook reporting for headboat vessels regarding dolphin and wahoo landings.

Amendment 5: Revisions to Dolphin and Wahoo ABCs, ACLs, Recreational ACTs, and AMs; Modification to the Framework Procedure; and Commercial Trip Limits for Dolphin

The amendment addresses the following management measures for the fishery: Revisions to acceptable biological catch (ABC) estimates, annual catch limits (ACLs) (including sector ACLs), recreational annual catch targets (ACT), and accountability measures (AM) implemented through the Comprehensive ACL Amendment; modifications to the sector allocations for dolphin; revisions to the framework procedure in the Dolphin Wahoo FMP; and commercial trip limits for dolphin.

Amendment 4: Joint Generic Commercial Logbook Reporting Amendment

The amendment was included under the Joint Generic Commercial Logbook Reporting Amendment and would change the method of reporting commercial catches in the region with regard to dolphin and wahoo.

Amendment 3: Joint Generic Dealer Reporting Amendment

The Modifications to Federally Permitted Seafood Dealer Reporting Requirements amendment was included under the Joint Generic Dealer amendment in conjunction with the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. The amendment requires federal dealer permits and changes the frequency and method of reporting.

Amendment 2: Comprehensive Annual Catch Limit Amendment

The amendment was included in the Comprehensive Annual Catch Limit Amendment. This amendment established ABCs, ACLs, AMs, and allocations for both commercial and recreational sectors; established ACTs for the recreational sector; prohibited bag limit sales of dolphin from "for-hire" vessels; and established a minimum size limit of 20" FL for South Carolina.

Amendment 1: Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 1

The amendment was included under Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 1 (CE-BA 1) and presented spatial information of Council-designated Essential Fish Habitat and Essential Fish Habitat-Habitat Areas of Particular Concern relative to the dolphin wahoo fishery.

Original Fishery Management Plan

Proposed Rule, 68 FR 62267.

Final Rule, 69 FR 30235. Effective June 28, 2004, except for the amendments to Sec. Sec. 622.4(a)(1)(i)(E), 622.4(a)(2)(xii), 622.4(a)(4), 622.5(a)(1)(vi), 622.5(a)(2)(i), 622.5(b)(1), 622.5(c)(8), 622.39(f), 622.41(l)(2), 622.44(f), and 622.45(i) that are effective September 24, 2004 and the amendments to Sec. 622.4(a)(5) and 622.4(i) that are effective November 23, 2004.

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