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Vessel Monitoring Systems in Alaska
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In December 2014, the NOAA Fisheries published in the Federal Register a final regulation governing the technical requirements for, and NOAA Fisheries' approval of VMS units used in U.S. federal fisheries (79 FR 77399(Dec. 24, 2014); 50 CFR part 600, subpart Q). One of the requirements set out in the regulation is a type-approval renewal process. Under the type-approval renewal process, VMS vendors are required to apply for a renewal of their type-approved EMTUs/services every three years. CLS America, Inc. and SkyMate Inc. did not submit completed applications for type-approval renewal for some or all of their type-approved EMTUs/services. As a result, the following EMTU/communication-services did not receive renewal, and are therefore no longer approved for compliance with VMS requirements in United States federal fisheries, after September 30, 2015:

Skymate Stellar ST2500G (with messaging terminal).
Stellar ST2500G (with closed Dell laptop).
CLS America Thorium TST (The Thorium TST A2.0 and the Thorium LEO A2.0 are still approved).

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