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Groundfish Tag Recovery Reporting via Survey123 App

Instructions on how to use reporting app

How do I download the Survey123 app?

Downloading the Survey123 app on your smart device is the FIRST STEP to getting access to the Groundfish Tag Recovery Reporting survey. The SECOND STEP is clicking the individual link for the Groundfish Tag Recovery Reporting survey and then selecting ‘Open in Survey123 field app’.

First Step: 

a) To download the free Survey123 app, scan the QR code on the device in which you will be submitting tag recoveries. Select the appropriate option for your device for downloading from the app store.

Sablefish app QR code

b) When you open the Survey123 app for the first time, you will be asked if Survey123 can access your camera — click 'Yes/Allow'.

c) You will then see a log in screen (as seen in the figure at right)- click ‘Continue without signing in’ at the bottom of the screen.

Homescreen for ArcGis Survey123 app with words 'Continue without signing in,' circled in yellow

d) You may then be asked about Survey123 having access to your location - we would recommend selecting 'Allow while using app’ as you may use this feature to record your location for immediate tag reporting. You will then see a screen saying 'You don't have any surveys on your device' You will not see any surveys on this page unless you have already used the Survey123 for other surveys.

e) Close the app.

Second Step: 

In order to access the Tag Recovery Reporting survey, close the app and scan the QR code again on the same device you downloaded the Survey123 app. Select 'Continue without signing in.' This should take you to the Tag Reporting entry. At this point, the Groundfish Tag Recovery Reporting survey is downloaded and can be opened in the Survey 123 app. When opening the Survey123 app from here on, you should see a screen like the one below. The Tag Recovery Reporting Survey will now remain on your device under the Survey123 app.

App screen for tagmap survey

You will only need to go through this process the first time you enter a tag recovery. 

Submitting a Tag Recovery

a) open the Survey123 app on your device

b) select 'Continue without signing in' at the bottom of the screen

c) click on the TagMap Survey icon on your ‘My Survey123’ screen

d) click 'Collect' at the bottom of the screen (as seen at left) to fill out a survey tag recovery. This will take you to the Tag Reporting survey. There are two pages with prompts for submitting a tag recovery. Items with an asterisk are required. Those without can be left blank as needed. In the second page, make sure and click the check mark at the bottom right of the page (as seen to the right) to ensure the tag recovery has been submitted.

App screen showing in yellow circles where to select
App screen showing in yellow to select the check on the bottom right

Last updated by Alaska Fisheries Science Center on May 21, 2024