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New Functions for Individual Fishing Quota Landing Transactions

September 01, 2021

FB21-054: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Bulletin; For more information, contact: Catch Share Customer Support, (866) 425-7627 (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time),

Key Message:

  • NOAA Fisheries is sending this notification to ensure Individual Fishing Quota program (IFQ) participants are informed about new and important updates to the Catch Share Online System.
  • For further information, IFQ participants can contact Catch Share Support at (866) 425-7627 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday excluding federal holidays.


Vessel Account Personal Identification Number (PIN) vs Vessel Signature PIN:

  • NOAA Fisheries has separated how users log into their vessel accounts and validate landing transactions.  This change adds increased security to the shareholder.
  • Vessel Account PIN
    • Previously used to validate dealer initiated landing transaction.
    • Now only used to log into a vessel account.  Vessel accounts may view allocation in the vessel account, landing notifications, and landing transaction history.
    • Allows access to the Vessel account. Vessel Account PINs expire after 180 days
  • Vessel Signature PIN
    • This is a NEW component of the Catch Share Online System.
    • Existing users will initially have the Vessel Signature PIN match the Vessel Account PIN.
    • NMFS recommends changing either the Vessel Account PIN or Vessel Signature PIN so that they are not the same.
    • Users will now input the Vessel Signature PIN to validate landing transactions instead of the Vessel Account PIN.
Screenshot of IFQ Landing Transaction Confirmation page


  • Creating new Vessel accounts
    • For users creating new vessel accounts, the system will automatically generate a unique PIN for both the vessel account and vessel signature.
    • These automatically generated PINS may be changed by accessing the Update Account page under the Information menu item at any time by the Shareholder.
  • Changing either the Vessel Account PIN or Vessel Signature PIN
    • Log into the Shareholder Account and go to Update Account under the Information menu item.
    • Select either Vessel Account or Vessel Signature in the top grid.
    • Click the “Update PIN” button to change the PIN for the selected item.
    • Type in a new PIN according to the PIN criteria.
    • Retype the new PIN to confirm the change.


10% Overage Warning:

  • The 10% overage flexibility measure allows IFQ shareholders to land 10% over their remaining allocation on the ‘last’ fishing trip of the year in share categories in which they hold shares.  The overage cannot exceed the amount of allocation generated from the shares for that account.
  • The 10% overage flexibility measure may be used once each year for each share category.
  • 10% overages may occur early in the year if an account has minimal allocation.
  • Shareholders can continue to fish after a 10% overage if they obtain more allocation through allocation transfers.
  • The system automatically begins processing the 10% overage when an eligible vessel submits a landing transaction for more allocation than is available in the shareholder or associated vessel account (e.g., ‘last’ fishing year).  Previously, users had no warnings when a 10% overage was going to be utilized. 
  • Now, a confirmation box appears notifying the user that a 10% overage will be used.  This warns the users that the 10% overage will be applied.  The user must input their Vessel Signature PIN again to confirm they wish to use the 10% overage.  This improvement is intended to notify shareholders about the 10% overage application.
  • NOAA Fisheries encourages shareholders to check their allocation balance before processing a landing transaction to ensure appropriate use of the 10% overage provision.
  • All overages are subtracted from the shareholder’s allocation at the start of the next fishing year, before the shareholder has access to their allocation.  Share transfers are prohibited if they would reduce the shareholders’ allocation from shares lower than the amount needed to pay back the overage.


Screenshot of IFQ Landing Transaction 10% Overage Warning


For more information, see the FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide on the Catch Share Online System Additional Information page. Catch Share support staff will also be hosting a virtual stakeholder workshop on September 29, 2021. Workshop details will be advertised in a future Fishery Bulletin.

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