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Northeast Skate Fishery Framework Adjustment 8 and 2020-2021 Specifications

April 27, 2020

Final 2020-2021 specifications and seasonal possession limits for the wing and bait Northeast skate fisheries. This action is effective on May 1, 2020 for the start of the 2020 fishing year.

NOAA Fisheries is implementing Framework Adjustment 8 to the Northeast Skate Complex Fishery Management Plan. Framework Adjustment 8 increases quotas and seasonal possession limits for both the wing and bait skate fisheries for fishing years 2020 and 2021. The acceptable biological catch is increasing 4 percent to 32,715 mt, and the skate fishery overall total allowable landings (TAL) is increasing 13 percent to 17,864 mt. The final bait fishery TAL will be 5,984 mt, and the wing fishery TAL will be 11,879 mt. A summary of the revised measures for both fisheries is provided below in Tables 1 and 2.

Table 1. Seasonal Allocations of TAL for the 2020-2021 Skate Wing and Bait Fisheries.

Total Allowable Landings (TAL) metric tons
Wing Fishery Season 1 (May 1 – August 31) 6,771
Season 2 (September 1 – April 30)+ 5,108
Bait Fishery Season 1 (May 1 – July 31) 1,843
Season 2 (August 1 – October 31) 2,220
Season 3 (November 1 – April 30)+ 1,921

+Unused TAL from previous seasons is available in the last season of the fishing year.

Table 2. 2020-2021 Skate Fishery Possession Limits**, in pounds.

Trip Type Season Wing Weight Whole Weight Barndoor* Wing Weight Barndoor* Whole Weight
Northeast (NE) Multispecies, Scallop, or Monkfish Day-At-Sea (DAS) Season 1 3,000 6,810 750 1,703
Season 2 5,000 11,350 1,250 2,838
NE Multispecies B DAS All Year 220 500 0 0
Non-DAS All Year 500 1,135 0 0
Skate Bait under Letter of Authorization All Year 0 25,000 0 0

*Barndoor skate possession limits are within the overall skate possession limit for each trip, not in addition to it.
**Possession limits may be modified in-season in order to prevent catch from exceeding quotas.

Last updated by Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office on June 01, 2020