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Reminder: Northeast Multispecies (Groundfish) Gulf of Maine Cod and Haddock Recreational Measures

September 11, 2019

Reminder: Open season for Atlantic cod September 15-30

We are opening a two-week season for Gulf of Maine cod from September 15-30, 2019.

Possession limits are per person per day and size limits are minimum total length.

Gulf of Maine Haddock

Gulf of Maine Cod

Haddock Possession Limit

Minimum Fish Size

Open Season

Cod    Possession Limit

Minimum Fish Size

Open Season

15 fish per angler

17 inches

May 1-Feb 28/29

Apr 15-30

1 fish per angler

21 inches

Sept 15-30


Cod and haddock on board a vessel must be readily available for inspection. Fillets must have at least 2 square inches of contiguous skin that allows for identification of fish species, while possessed on board and at the time of landing.

During multiple-day trips, a vessel may possess the daily limit up to the number of calendar days fished. Any trip covering 2 calendar days must be at least 15 hours in duration. The possession limit for the second day may be possessed only after the second calendar day begins, and the same applies for each additional day. For example, a vessel on a 2-day trip could not be in possession of more than 15 Gulf of Maine haddock, per person, on the first day of the trip.

If you have a mobile device, you can use the FishRules app to check recreational fishing regulations.


Contact Emily Keiley, (978) 281-9116  


The Gulf of Maine Regulated Mesh Area is bounded on the east and south by a line connecting the following points:


N. Latitude

W. Longitude


The intersection of the shoreline and the U.S.-Canada Maritime Boundary

The intersection of the shoreline and the U.S.-Canada Maritime Boundary


43° 58'

67° 22'


42° 53.1'

67° 44.4’


42° 31'

67° 28.1'


42° 22’

67° 20'


42° 20'

67° 20'


42° 20'

69° 30’


42° 00'

69° 30'


42° 00'

The intersection of the Cape Cod, MA, coastline and 42°00' N. lat.


Last updated by Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office on September 11, 2019