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Reminder of Seasonal Fishing Restrictions in U.S. Caribbean Federal Waters

November 28, 2018

FB18-081: Caribbean Bulletin; For More Information, Contact: Sarah.Stephenson@noaa.gov, (727) 824-5305

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Annual Seasonal Red Hind Closure

NOAA Fisheries reminds fishers and the public of the annual seasonal closure on fishing for, or possession of, red hind grouper in federal waters west of 67° 10’ W longitude (see map).

  • The closure begins at 12:01 a.m., local time, on December 1, 2018, and extends through 11:59 p.m., local time, February 28, 2019.


Fishing Prohibitions in Red Hind Spawning Areas

From December 1 through February 28 each year, fishing for any species is prohibited in federal waters of the following red hind spawning aggregation areas:

  • The Tourmaline Bank area closure off western Puerto Rico (see map, inset A), bounded by the following coordinates (regulations only apply to the portion of Tourmaline Bank in federal waters):

A       18°11.2’ N      67°22.4’ W

B       18°11.2’ N      67°19.2’ W

C       18°08.2’ N      67°19.2’ W

D       18°08.2’ N      67°22.4’ W

A       18°11.2’ N      67°22.4’ W


  • The Abrir La Sierra Bank area closure off western Puerto Rico, which lies completely within federal waters (see map, inset A), and is bounded by the following coordinates:

A       18°06.5’ N      67°26.9’ W

B       18°06.5’ N      67°23.9’ W

C       18°03.5’ N      67°23.9’ W

D       18°03.5’ N      67°26.9’ W

A       18°06.5’ N      67°26.9’ W


  • The Lang Bank red hind spawning aggregation area, east of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (see map, inset B), bounded by the following coordinates:

A       17°50.2’ N      64°27.9’ W

B       17°50.1’ N      64°26.1’ W

C       17°49.2’ N      64°25.8’ W

D       17°48.6’ N      64°25.8’ W

E       17°48.1’ N      64°26.1’ W

F       17°47.5’ N      64°26.9’ W

A       17°50.2’ N      64°27.9’ W


Fishing and Anchoring Prohibitions within Hind Bank

Fishing for any species and anchoring by fishing vessels within the Hind Bank Marine Conservation District, south of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, is prohibited year round (see map, inset C).  The Hind Bank Marine Conservation District is bounded by the following coordinates:

A   18°13.2’ N      65°06.0’ W

B   18°13.2’ N      64°59.0’ W

C   18°11.8’ N      64°59.0’ W

D   18°10.7’ N      65°06.0’ W

A   18°13.2’ N      65°06.0’ W



Figure 1. Map showing the seasonal area closures in the U.S. Caribbean.


Bajo de Sico Area Closure

Federal waters of the Bajo de Sico area off western Puerto Rico continue to be closed to fishing for and possession of reef fish managed by the Caribbean Fishery Management Council until March 31, 2019.  Anchoring by fishing vessels is prohibited year-round.  See Fishery Bulletin FB18-062 for more information.



These restrictions were developed to provide further protection for red hind spawning aggregations and large snappers and groupers, and to better protect the essential fish habitat where these species reside.



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