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Aaron Berger, NWFSC

Aaron Berger, Ph.D.

Research Mathematical Statistician
Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring
Office: (541) 275-1739
Email: aaron.berger@noaa.gov

Aaron Berger, Ph.D.

Research Mathematical Statistician


Aaron Berger received his B.S. in Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1997. He then completed a Master's degree in Fisheries Science at Oregon State University (2005) and a Ph.D. at the Quantitative Fisheries Center at Michigan State University (2011). After his graduate work, Aaron moved to the South Pacific to work with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community conducting stock assessments and related research on Western and Central Pacific tuna populations. Since 2014, Aaron has been working as a research mathematical statistician within the Population Ecology Program of the Fisheries Resource, Analysis, and Monitoring (FRAM) Division while based out of Newport, Oregon.    

Current Research

Aaron's research interests are in spatial population dynamics, advancing stock assessment methods and applications that improve fisheries management, and evaluating novel approaches to strategic and tactical decision-making. He has contributed to stock assessments for Pacific hake/whiting, black rockfish, kelp greenling, blue and deacon rockfishes, cabezon, and other West Coast groundfish. He is a member of the Joint Technical Committee of the Pacific Hake Treaty and is involved with the hake management strategy evaluation. Aaron is also an affiliate faculty member at Oregon State University.