Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Conducting leading-edge research and analyses that provide the foundation for management decisions to protect, recover, restore, and sustain ecosystems and living marine resources in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Location

The Pacific Northwest is known for its stunning marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Mountain ranges, rainforests, estuaries, and rocky shorelines give way to an underwater landscape supporting a diverse web of species, from the iconic orca to microscopic algae. Protecting these resources is critical to sustaining our coastal economy, public health, and quality of life. The Northwest Fisheries Science Center, with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington and five research stations in Washington and Oregon is home to more than 350 people with a wide range of expertise. Our region includes the eastern Pacific Ocean off the West Coast, as well as the freshwater rivers of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Our Vision

Visit any part of the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and you will find a place teeming with smart, talented people. We are passionate about producing high-quality science in support of the NOAA Fisheries mission and in service of the public good. We are proud stewards of the Pacific Northwest ecosystem. Our vision is outlined in our Vivid Description of the Future (PDF, 7 pages).

Our Leadership

Management Team