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Kristin Marshall, Ph.D.

Management Strategy Evaluation Coordinator
Population Ecology Program
Office: (206) 302-2414

Kristin Marshall, Ph.D.

Management Strategy Evaluation Coordinator


Kristin Marshall joined the NWFSC in 2017 as a research biologist and the Management Strategy Evaluation Coordinator.  Prior to that, she did postdoctoral research in the Ecosystem Program at NWFSC where she worked with the California Current Atlantis ecosystem model, and at the UW School of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences where her work supported the development of guidance for Fishery Ecosystem Plans.  Kristin earned a PhD in Ecology from Colorado State University, a MS in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from UW, and a BA in Marine Biology from Boston University.

Current Research

Kristin's research focuses on understanding how species and ecosystems respond to climate change and developing and applying transdisciplinary approaches to support ecosystem-based fisheries management. As NWFSC's Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) Coordinator, one of Kristin's primary responsibilities is to support and coordinate MSE research and activities at the Center.  Her current MSE research focuses on building environmental drivers into the ongoing Pacific Hake/Whiting MSE to test the robustness of Whiting management to environmental variability and long-term change. She is also involved with developing tools and approaches to support ecosystem-scale MSEs and incorporating environmental and ecosystem considerations into management advice.