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Brian Galvez in sweater and cap by the water.

Brian Galvez

Fish Biologist
Protected Species Division
Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Office: (508) 955-3535
Email: brian.galvez@noaa.gov

Brian Galvez

Fish Biologist

Originally from Long Beach, CA, Brian received his BS in Fisheries Biology from Cal Poly Humboldt in 2014 and accepted a contract position as a Marine Scientist for a small environmental consulting firm in San Diego, CA. As is the nature of contract consulting, work was intermittent and Brian was forced to reevaluate his career options. With a strong desire to get back into the fisheries world and gain employment with NMFS, Brian received an offer to earn his MS in Natural Resources from Delaware State University (DSU) funded by the NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center scholarship. The scholarship was focused on educating students in NOAA Fisheries research priorities with the goal of grooming them for future employment at NOAA. In 2020, Brian happily accepted a position with a NOAA contractor to work for the Gear Research Team at the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center. He has since become an FTE and is mainly focused on the research and development of on-demand (ropeless) fishing technology. Brian is also involved in other research projects where he works with commercial fishermen to test fishing gear designed to reduce bycatch of protected species.