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Dylan Redman

Dylan H. Redman

Research Fishery Biological Technician
Ecosystems and Aquaculture
Aquaculture Systems and Ecology
Office: (203) 882-6518
Email: dylan.redman@noaa.gov

Dylan H. Redman

Research Fishery Biological Technician


  • B.A. Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology - University of Rhode Island, 2003

Professional History

Dylan has served as a fisheries research biological technician at the Milford Laboratory since 2003. The first 7 years of his career focused on finfish aquaculture research, primarily spawning and rearing techniques for black sea bass, Centropristis striata and scup, Stenotomus chrysops. Dylan coordinated data collection, animal husbandry and aquaculture system maintenance for the finfish culture program. More recently, Dylan has been studying how ocean acidification effects growth and survival of marine animals. He has designed and fabricated several systems that are currently used to test effects of ocean acidification on a variety of marine species indigenous to Long Island Sound. Dylan has experience rearing many species of shellfish at various life stages including oysters, hard clams, surf clams, bay scallops, and sea scallops. Dylan has also taken the lead on automating many laboratory monitoring systems. He is currently using the LabVIEW software platform in combination with an Ocean Optics spectrophotometer to take very precise pH measurements and Campbell Scientific Data loggers for monitoring water quality parameters. He is a key member of our field research team studying the impacts of aquaculture on the marine environment. Dylan’s contributions include managing the back deck of the R/V Loosanoff during gear deployment and retrieval as well as fabrication, repairs and maintenance of the scientific equipment.