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Kate Walter Contact Card Profile Picture

Kate Walter

Observer Program Coordinator
Fisheries Statistics Division
Observer Program Branch
Shrimp & Reef Fishery Observer Program
Office: (409) 221-9088
Email: kate.walter@noaa.gov

Kate Walter

Observer Program Coordinator

Kate Walter is a Fishery Observer Coordinator based out of the Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Galveston, TX. Kate is one of the trainers for new observers. She trains in safety, debriefing protocols, data collection for the reef fish and on the shrimp fishery in the Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic. Kate reviews data collection, sets up trip assignments and discuss safety requirements prior to vessel departures. Kate is also involved with research that is focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning based on the GOM shrimp fishery. Kate is in charge of training observers on how to annotate, with the goal of building vision software libraries based from video data collected through electronic monitoring camera systems.

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