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Photo of Michelle Sculley in front of a stream

Michelle Sculley, PhD

Research Fish Biologist
Fisheries Research and Monitoring Division
Stock Assessment Program
Highly migratory species, stock assessments
Office: (808) 725-5705
Email: michelle.sculley@noaa.gov

Michelle Sculley, PhD

Research Fish Biologist

Michelle Sculley has a PhD in Marine Biology and Fisheries from the Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami and a MS in Biological Oceanography from Texas A&M University. She joined PIFSC in 2017 as a research fish biologist focusing on pelagic highly migratory species stock assessments. She is the lead modeler for the ISC Billfish Working Group and collaborates with scientists from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, IATTC, WCPFC, and SPC. She has experience in stock assessment models, spatio-temporal modeling, Bayesian modeling, tagging studies, simulation work, tunas, billfish, and marine mammals. She is interested in exploring how climate change may impact pelagic fish population dynamics.