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NOAA Fisheries Personnel Default Profile

Steve de Blois

Research Fish Biologist
Groundfish Ecology Program
Office: (206) 860-3478
Email: steve.deblois@noaa.gov

Steve de Blois

Research Fish Biologist


Steve de Blois joined NOAA Fisheries in August 1990, working first with the Northwest Region's Marine Mammal Exemption Program. In June 1991, he joined the acoustics program (MACE) at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, where he helped conduct echo integration-trawl surveys to determine the distribution and abundance of walleye pollock in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, and of Pacific hake off the United States/Canada West Coast. He joined the FRAM acoustics team in July 2002. Steve has also worked as a marine mammal observer aboard Japanese high-seas drift net boats and as a fishery observer aboard Japanese stern trawlers. He earned a B.S in biology from the University of Michigan and an M.A. in biology from Humboldt State University. He is an an AMSEA-trained Marine Safety Instructor.

Current Research

As a member of FRAM's acoustics team, Steve focuses on database and software development and application of fishery acoustic techniques to evaluate and improve fish stock assessment.  At sea, Steve works primarily as an acoustician, but he also helps out in the wet lab when appropriate.  Steve is responsible for producing summary Processed Reports for Integrated Ecosystem and Pacific Hake Acoustic-Trawl Surveys.