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Tim Beechie

Tim Beechie, Ph.D.

Supervisory Research Fish Biologist
Watershed Program
Office: (206) 860-3409
Email: tim.beechie@noaa.gov

Tim Beechie, Ph.D.

Supervisory Research Fish Biologist


Tim has worked at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center since 1999, and is currently the leader of the Ecosystem Processes Research Team in the Watershed Program. His research focuses on geomorphology and riparian vegetation as key drivers of riverine ecosystems. Tim holds a Bachelor's degree in geology, a Master's degree in fisheries, and a Ph.D. in forest hydrology, all from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Current Research

Tim has researched landscape and human influences on fish populations for more than three decades, beginning with studies of fish populations in West African lakes in the mid-1980s. His current research interests include influences of valley and river channel morphology on salmon habitats and populations, using land use and restoration scenarios to estimate salmon population responses and evaluate restoration alternatives, and adapting river restoration plans and project designs for climate change.

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