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Timothy Rowell

Timothy J. Rowell, Ph.D.

Branch Chief
Fisheries, Assessment, Technology, and Engineering Support Division
Advanced Technology Branch
Advanced Survey Technologies
Email: timothy.rowell@noaa.gov

Timothy J. Rowell, Ph.D.

Branch Chief

Dr. Timothy J. Rowell is the branch chief of the Advanced Technologies Branch of the Fisheries Assessment, Technology, and Engineering Support Division (FATES) at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center. he is generally focused on advanced survey technologies, passive acoustics, active acoustics, telemetry, optics, fish spawning aggregations, soundscapes, and bioacoustics.

His research largely focuses on the use of acoustic technologies to better understand and conserve marine resources. His background includes studying fish sound production during reproductive periods and its utility for monitoring populations, spawning behaviors, and essential fish habitats through comparisons with other data sources. He applies multiple technologies, such as passive acoustics, telemetry, active acoustics, AUVs, and video surveys, along with traditional sampling methodologies to develop more informed inferences about the status of populations and habitats. Dr. Rowell has a BA in Biology from the College of the Holy Cross, a MS in Marine Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez, and a Ph.D. in Marine Biology from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.