How to Submit a Request

Submitting a Request for Endangered Species Section 7 Consultation

How to Submit an Endangered Species Act (ESA) Section 7 Consultation Request to National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Southeast Regional Office:

1. Where do I submit my Section 7 consultation request?  

We request that all ESA Section 7 consultation requests/packages be submitted electronically to (copy and paste the email address)

2. What do I need to submit?

For projects that are minor (i.e., projects that do not meet the definition of “major federal actions”, as defined in 50 CFR § 404.02), please submit the following checklist with essential information needed by our consultation biologists to respond timely to the consultation request:

Any additional information you provide related to the project (including submerged aquatic vegetation surveys, site photographs, engineering project design drawings, historically permitted actions, etc.) will help speed the consultation process.

For major construction activities, please submit your Biological Assessment (BA) electronically to the email address above.  Information on BAs can be found in the ESA Section 7 Handbook found here.


Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on March 25, 2019

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