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MMPA Sec 120(f) Task Force Meeting

Marine Mammal Protection Act Section 120 Pinniped-Fishery Interaction Task Force for the Columbia River to Convene Online on March 7, 2024


9:00 Welcome and Introductions – All

9:15 Review Agenda – Robert Anderson, National Marine Fisheries Service

9:20 Marine Mammal Protection Act Section 120 Program Evaluation – Robert Anderson, NMFS

  • Overview of the MMPA section 120(f) removal program in the Columbia River basin
  • MMPA Section 120(f) - program summary
  • MMPA Section 120(c)(5) - program evaluation
    Purpose of convening the Task Force
  • Questions from the Task Force

9:40 Pinniped removal program in the MMPA Section 120(f) Action Area – Eligible Entities

  • Pinniped removal operations and removals in the action area – Eligible Entities
  • Sea lion-salmonid interactions in the action area – Eligible Entities
  • Comprehensive Report – Eligible Entities
  • Recommendations 1-9 – Eligible Entities
  • Agent-Based Model - Benefits Analysis – Eligible Entities
  • Questions from the Task Force

10:55 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, pinniped monitoring and evaluation program at Bonneville Dam – Kyle Tidwell, Corps

  • Questions from the Task Force

11:15 BREAK

11:25 Task Force discussion – recommended actions to improve the effectiveness of the pinniped removal program. 12:00 Task Force discussion – the Eligible Entity's request to renew the August 14, 2020, permit for a duration of 5 years.

  • Task Force recommendation on the Eligible Entity’s request to renew the August 14, 2020, MMPA Section 120(f) permit.

12:45 Public Input – This is an opportunity for members of the public to identify information, not covered regarding the pinniped-fishery interaction that may be of value to Task Force members. It is not a time for discussion with the Task Force.

  • Facilitator will announce opening of public input and solicit input.
  • Depending upon the number of participants, the Facilitator may limit your time to permit as many members of the public an opportunity to provide input to the Task Force.

12:55 Closing Comments – Robert Anderson, NMFS

1:00 Adjourn

Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on 03/04/2024