West Coast Region

Committed to conserving and protecting our trust resources, the West Coast Region provides science-based conservation and management for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, marine mammals, sea turtles, and endangered species, and their habitats.

Our Location

Map of western states. All NOAA locations are labeled.
NOAA Fisheries has even more offices in the covered geography which includes the Restoration Center, Office of Law Enforcement, General Counsel, and the Seafood Inspection Program. The locations are not listed on this map.

From floodplains to estuaries, nearshore habitats to kelp forests, urban waterways to rural streams, NOAA Fisheries is responsible for the stewardship of our nation’s living marine resources and their habitats. The West Coast Region works within the coasts and watersheds of Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho. Covering 317,690 square miles of the eastern Pacific Ocean, and more than 7,000 miles of tidal coastline, as well as the ecological functions within the states’ vast rivers and estuaries, we build sustainable fisheries, recover endangered and threatened species, maintain healthy ecosystems, and protect human health.

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Our Leadership

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