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About the West Coast Region Central Valley Office

Map of California  with area office locations

The Central Valley Office is located in Sacramento. The office has responsibility for salmon, steelhead trout, and green sturgeon conservation and recovery in the geographic region from the San Francisco Bay east including waters of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and its tributaries to their headwaters in the Sierras.

Conservation and Recovery Activities

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FERC in the CA Central Valley

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission interacts with NOAA Fisheries in the California Central Valley over the re-licensing of non-federal hydroelectric projects. FERC licenses are issued for 30-50 years. Because of this very long license duration, it is extremely important for NOAA Fisheries to thoroughly analyze the long term project effects.

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About Us

The California Central Valley Office is located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, only a few blocks from the State Capitol. Our responsibilities focus on the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. We work in these river basins to protect species listed under the Endangered Species Act by evaluating the impact of proposed federal actions, developing recovery plans, seeking conservation partnerships with local governments and landowners, and ensuring safe fish passage past federal, and some private, dams.

Assistant Regional Administrator

Maria Rea

Phone: 916.930.3600

California Central Valley Office Division Manager

Tancy Mill (acting)

Phone: 916.930.3605

Water Operations and Delta Consultations Branch

Garwin Yip

Phone: 916.930.3611

Future Operations and Adaptive Management Branch

Cathy Marcinkevage

Phone: 916.930.5648

San Joaquin River Branch

Erin Strange

Phone: 916.930.3653

Sacramento River Branch

Howard Brown

Phone: 916.930.3608

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Branch

Steve Edmondson

Phone: 707.575.6052

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