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Peer Review: Right Whale Decision Support Tool

Reviewers will evaluate a method that helps people understand when and where North Atlantic right whales risk entanglement in fixed fishing gear off the northeastern United States, and the likely effectiveness of different measures to reduce that risk.


Monday, January 30, 2023:  Data
Morning Session
10:00Introduction of Panel, Terms of Reference, Agenda ReviewRichard Merrick and Michael Asaro
10:15ALWTRT Background and Overview of the Purpose of the Decision Support Tool (DST)Michael Asaro
10:45Clarifying Questions and DiscussionPanel
11:00Model Overview: general background, highlights of what has changed, linkages to terms of referenceBurton Shank
11:30Clarifying Questions and DiscussionPanel
Afternoon Session
1:00Presentation: Gillnet and OTP Gear and FisheriesAlicia Miller, Laura Solinger
1:30Presentation: Lobster/Jonah Crab Gear and FisheriesBurton Shank
2:15Clarifying Questions and DiscussionPanel
3:00Clarifying Questions and Discussion About DataPanel
4:00Public Questions and Comments 
4:15Discussion of Findings/Recommendations on DST Supporting DataPanel
Tuesday, January 31, 2023: Models
Morning Session
10:00Summary of Day 1Richard Merrick
10:15Presentation: Duke NARW “Habitat” (Distribution and Density) Model. What's new in recent model versions and how this is integrated into the DSTJason Roberts
11:15Clarifying Questions and DiscussionPanel
11:45Public Questions and Comments 
Afternoon Session
1:00Presentation: DST model. Co-occurrence model and scoring, risk/gear threat model and scoring, threat weightings, modeling the threats, model outputsBurton Shank
2:00Clarifying Questions and Discussion About ModelsPanel
2:45Continue Discussion About ModelsPanel
4:00Public Questions and Comments 
4:15Discussion of Findings/Recommendations on DST and Supporting ModelsPanel
Wednesday, February 1, 2023: Provide Recommendations (Optional Day)
9:00Review of state of playRichard Merrick
9:15Panel Discussion and Recommendations: Recommendations on whether each term of reference is met, recommendations for short- and long-term improvements in the DSTPanel
12:00End Meeting 

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