First North Atlantic Right Whales of Season in Southeast Spotted Off Georgia

December 13, 2018

Known right whales travel together along Georgia coast

First right whales 2018_2019 season.jpg

Right whales "Boomerang" and "Magnet"

Two adult female North Atlantic right whales are traveling together southeast of Tybee Island, GA. Both whales are known to NOAA Fisheries.

A right whale nicknamed "Boomerang" (bottom right), is 23 years old and last calved in 2014.

Her companion, “Magnet” (top left), is ten years old and has no prior calving history.

A pair of adult female right whales were a welcome sight following the 2018 season when zero calves were documented.

Right whale Magnet swims off Tybee Island.jpg

"Magnet" the right whale 

Photo credit: Sea to Shore Alliance, taken under NOAA permit #20556-01.


Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on December 13, 2018

North Atlantic Right Whale