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Saving Endangered Sawfish

December 06, 2018

Endangered sawfish freed from marine debris

Entangled Sawfish NPS Photo.jpg

An endangered smalltooth sawfish is free of marine debris today after help from two park rangers in Biscayne Bay National Park. 

The sawfish, found near Elliott Key on November 23rd, was entangled in a large pile of lobster trap line. Two park rangers were dispatched to the scene after park visitors called to report the sawfish. The rangers remained at a safe distance, cut the line and the sawfish was able to swim away.  They estimate the animal was between 7 and 8 feet long.

Entangeled smalltooth sawfish close.jpg

Entangled smalltooth sawfish

Lobster trap line from smalltooth sawfish.jpg

Lobster trap line found around sawfish


The National Park Service is NOAA's partner in smalltooth sawfish conservation and serve as an appointed member of the Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Implementation Team.  

NOAA Fisheries applauds the park rangers for freeing the entangled sawfish while keeping the animal in the water, minimizing any handling, and maintaining a safe distance.

NOAA reminds people that sawfish are endangered and protected by law.  Remember the three points of sawfish conservation: Respect, Release and Report (1-844-4SAWFISH).

For more information on sawfish conservation efforts please visit https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/feature-story/international-sawfish-day-october-17

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