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Antarctic Marine Living Resource Permits

The United States is a member of theCommission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, the organization responsible for conserving marine life south of the Antarctic Convergence. CCAMLR applies an ecosystem approach to the conservation of marine living resources, with standards designed...

Foreign Fishing Permits

Foreign fishing vessels engaging in commercial fishing in the U.S. exclusive economic zone (EEZ) must have on board a permit issued under the Magnuson-Stevens Act. The only foreign fishing permits issued in recent years have authorized foreign vessels to transship fish harvested by U.S. fishermen.

High Seas Fishing Permits

The United States adopted the High Seas Fishing Compliance Actin 1994 to implement the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Agreement to Promote Compliance with International Conservation and Management Measures by Fishing Vessels on the High Seas. The Act requires, among other things,...