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Deep-Set Buoy Gear Permits

Deep-Set Buoy Gear Permits
Commercial, Highly Migratory Species ,

Drift Gillnet Limited Entry Permit

A valid West Coast Drift Gillnet limited entry permit is required for anyone using drift gillnet gear to fish for highly migratory species within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of California and Oregon. Fishery Type: Limited access Harvest Type:&
Highly Migratory Species ,

Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean Vessel Permit

The owner or managing owner of a U.S. purse seine fishing vessel of greater than 400 st (362.8 mt) carrying capacity that participates in commercial fishing operations in the ETP must possess a valid vessel permit. Fishery Type: Open access Har
Highly Migratory Species ,

Pacific Highly Migratory Species Permits

Permit information for commercial fishing in the West Coast EEZ (California, Washington, Oregon) for Pacific tunas, swordfish, sharks, and billfish.
Commercial, For-Hire / Charter, Highly Migratory Species ,