Mariners Needed to Work on NOAA Ships

February 22, 2018

USCG Merchant Marine Credentials Required

Teri Frady
Chief, Research Communications Branch
(508) 495-2239

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NOAA's Ships provide a wide range of mission support for the agency -- from collecting data used to understanding weather to charting to monitoring fishery stocks, corals, and marine mammals. The ships are operated by NOAA’s Office of Marine and Aviation Operations. The vessels are run by a combination of NOAA commissioned officers and specially skilled civilians. The officers are part of the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps. Civilians include licensed masters, mates and engineers, and unlicensed members of the engine, steward and deck departments. OMAO has current openings for people qualified as wage mariners for jobs as able-bodied seamen, fishermen, and general vessel assistants.

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