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Recommended Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Projects

NOAA Fisheries has recommended 16 projects for funding under the 2024 Saltonstall-Kennedy Competitive Grants Program.

An oyster farmer compares oysters by size to see which ones are ready for harvest. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

NOAA Fisheries has recommended more than $6 million in grants for 16 projects under the 2024 Saltonstall-Kennedy Competitive Grants Program.

The projects fall under three priorities:

  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Development, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building
  • Science or Technology that Enhances Sustainable U.S. Fisheries

Projects and Summaries

Below is the complete list of projects funded for FY24 organized by funding priority. 

FY2024 list of recommended projects (PDF, 4 pages)

FY2024 recommended project summaries (PDF, 15 pages)

Priority #1: Promotion and Marketing

RegionProposal NumberApplicantProject TitleFunding PriorityAmount
AKRO24AKR610-001Alaska Seafood Marketing InstituteDevelopment and Marketing of an Alaska Seafood Pet Food BrandPromotion and Marketing$500,000.00 
AKRO24AKR604-006Wild Alaska Sole AssociationConsumer Research and Promotion to Increase the Value of Alaska FlatfishPromotion and Marketing$419,590.00 
PIRO24PIR705-019Kauai Sea Farms LLCIncreasing market value and presence of Hawaiian fishpond productsPromotion and Marketing$100,000.00 
WCRO24WCR401-024Get Hooked Seafood LLCA Sea-to-School Program for the Santa Barbara ChannelPromotion and Marketing$499,991.00 
WCRO24WCR412-001Positively GroundfishA groundfish consumer packaged goods start-up accelerator program designed to incentivize product innovation, expand the industry and grow demand for West Coast groundfish.Promotion and Marketing$497,641.00 

Priority #2: Development, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building

RegionProposal NumberApplicantProject TitleFunding PriorityAmount
AKRO24AKR613-013Alaska Seafood Marketing Inst.Increasing Utilization and Value of Alaska Seafood Through High Value Side-stream Production, Re-Shoring of Value-Added Processing, and Neutral Storage FacilitiesDevelopment, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building$500,000.00 
GARFO24GAR234-079Morgan State UniversityCo-produced Research to Control Invasive Blue Catfish in Chesapeake BayDevelopment, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building$500,000.00 
GARFO24GAR219-074Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen's Alliance IncPreparing the next ocean stewards: Fishermen's Development Training ProgramDevelopment, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building$128,524.00 
GARFO24GAR209-007Maine Coast Fishermen's AssociationCoastal Access Cohort: Future-Proofing Municipal  Strategies to Support Commercial Fishing, Intertidal Harvesting, and AquacultureDevelopment, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building$487,702.00 
PIRO24PIR707-009University of HawaiiEstablishing a Supply & Training Program for Restorative Aquaculture Production of the HI Red Seaweed, Limu Kohu (Asparagopsis taxiforms)Development, Infrastructure, and Capacity Building$500,000.00 

Priority #3: Science or Technology that Enhances Sustainable U.S. Fisheries

RegionProposal NumberApplicantProject TitleFunding PriorityAmount
GARFO24GAR220-066University of New HampshireCommercialization of "Ropeless" On-Bottom Sea Scallop Aquaculture in the Gulf of Maine: Development of Spat Collection and Growout ProtocolsScience or Technology that Enhances Sustainable U.S. Fisheries$497,723.00 
GARFO24GAR225-097Commonwealth of MasachusettsGenomic population structure of Atlantic herring in US waters to inform sustainable fishery managementScience or Technology that Enhances Sustainable U.S. Fisheries$321,213.00 
PIRO24PIR708-033University of HawaiiAquaculture of native species to improve fisheries habitats and expand opportunities for fishing communitiesScience or Technology that Enhances Sustainable U.S. Fisheries$500,000.00 
SERO24SER309-036Oyster South CompanyA FARMS Approach to Address Oyster Mortality and Improve Production in the South's Emergent Off-bottom Oyster Aquaculture IndustryScience or Technology that Enhances Sustainable U.S. Fisheries$499,198.00 
SERO24SER327-008University of South CarolinaCollaborative Research and Capacity Building in the U.S. Caribbean via Investigating Queen Conch Life History and Resolving the Conch Age ConundrumScience or Technology that Enhances Sustainable U.S. Fisheries$398,944.00 
SERO24SER322-010Live Advantage Bait LLCOptimizing Atlantic Croaker Reproductive Performance for Fisheries Conservation and AquacultureScience or Technology that Enhances Sustainable U.S. Fisheries$99,697.39 

Previously Funded Projects

Last updated by Office of Management and Budget on May 22, 2024