What We Do

We lead national budget processes, including execution, development, formulation, and performance reporting for NOAA Fisheries.

We provide advice, support, and guidance in the following areas:

  • Administrative processes and planning.

  • Budget formulation and execution.

  • Strategic planning.

  • Performance management.

  • Facility management.

  • Grants coordination.

  • Fisheries Loan programs

Specifically, we coordinate and advise NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator and Executive Board on the following:

  • Agency-wide program goals, objectives, and measures of accomplishment.

  • Effective and efficient use of resources among the financial management centers.

  • National planning and development efforts, ensuring that the appropriate internal and external stakeholders are involved.

  • Programs to improve access to capital, compensate fishermen for conflicting ocean uses, and provide funding for external research and development.

  • Administrative operations, such as correspondence, foreign travel operations, and responses and reporting to the Inspector General and Government Accounting Office reviews/investigations.

  • Oversight of infrastructure issues, grants programs, policy development, and administrative appeals.