NOAA survey dive at oil rig close to Catalina Island
About Us

Office of Management and Budget

Overseeing NOAA Fisheries budget, performance management, facility management, grant coordination, and financial services.

What We Do

We lead national budget processes, including execution, development, formulation, and performance reporting for NOAA Fisheries.

We provide advice, support, and guidance in the following areas:

  • Administrative processes and planning.

  • Budget formulation and execution.

  • Strategic planning.

  • Performance management.

  • Facility management.

  • Grants coordination.

  • Fisheries Loan programs

Specifically, we coordinate and advise NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator and Executive Board on the following:

  • Agency-wide program goals, objectives, and measures of accomplishment.

  • Effective and efficient use of resources among the financial management centers.

  • National planning and development efforts, ensuring that the appropriate internal and external stakeholders are involved.

  • Programs to improve access to capital, compensate fishermen for conflicting ocean uses, and provide funding for external research and development.

  • Administrative operations, such as correspondence, foreign travel operations, and responses and reporting to the Inspector General and Government Accounting Office reviews/investigations.

  • Oversight of infrastructure issues, grants programs, policy development, and administrative appeals.

Our Leadership

Brian Pawlak

Deputy Assistant Administrator for Operations (Acting)

In his role as Fisheries’ new Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Fisheries’ Office of Management and Budget, Mr. Pawlak provides oversight of Fisheries-wide strategic planning (including facilities planning), budget formulation and execution, and many of our agency’s administrative and operational functions such as grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements. The Director is also responsible for the administration of Fisheries’ Financial Services Division.