NOAA Fisheries adjudicates appeals of persons affected by initial administrative determinations, including those related to the implementation of the Magnuson-Stevens Act.

NOAA Fisheries National Appeals Office provides administrative appeals services, conducts administrative inquiries, and manages Freedom of Information Act requests.

About Appeals

Appeals might include hearings, during which an administrative appeals officer accepts testimony and receives evidence into the record. We also respond to motions and other requests related to the administrative appeals process. We ensure all participants are afforded due process and sound and consistent jurisprudence. We determine the regulatory issues to resolve, evaluate evidence, and prepare written appellate decisions. 

For each appeal, we provide the decision to the appellant and relevant persons within NOAA. We may publish decisions on our website. We also maintain a database of current and historical caseload data and respond to requests for statistical data about appeals. We draft, publish, and apply procedural regulations consistent with due process requirements.

National Appeals Decisions

Regional Administrator Decisions

  • 2014

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