Council Reports to Congress

Each year, NOAA Fisheries is required to submit two Reports to Congress related to the regional fishery management councils. Starting in 2014, NOAA Fisheries combined these two reports into one document to help create efficiencies in completing the reports and to combine into one comprehensive document the activities of the councils and their Scientific and Statistical Committees (SSCs). 

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Membership Report

In the Membership Report, NOAA Fisheries:

  • Reports on representation of the active council members in the commercial, recreational, and other represented groups.

  • Outlines major management actions taken by the councils.

  • Identifies current council members’ terms that will expire the following year.

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Financial Disclosure Report

The Financial Disclosure Report implements the disclosure of financial interest and recusal requirements of the MSA and:

  • Identifies any conflicts of interest with respect to the councils and Scientific and Statistical Committees (SSCs).

  • Discusses disclosure of financial interests by a voting member of a council as reported on the Statement of Financial Interest Form.

  • Outlines actions being taken by the Secretary of Commerce and the councils to identify and address any conflicts of interest among the councils and SSCs.

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Recent Reports

If you’d like a copy of an older report, please contact

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