Protected Species Observer Trainers

There are numerous environmental consultants who provide or train Protected Species Observers for industry. Please contact the consultants directly for more information on their programs.

NOAA Fisheries does not endorse any consultants or their training programs. However, NOAA Fisheries reviews curriculum and training materials periodically as a means of standardizing the course of instruction. For privacy reasons, NOAA Fisheries does not supply the names of approved observers to consultants or to industry.



Saltwater Inc.
Email: Kathy Robinson 


Continental Shelf Associates, Inc 
Email: Mary Jo Barkaszi


Coastwide Consulting, Inc.
Email: Christopher Slay

Tide Environmental, LLC
Email: Allison Griffin


A.I.S., Inc.
Email: Kathryn Roy


RPS Group
Email: Stephanie Milne

Marine Protected Species Consulting
Email: Angela Bostwick


East Coast Observers, Inc.
Email: Trish Bargo

Research, Environmental & Management Support
Email: Bernard Zachary


Smultea Environmental Science
Email: Mari Smultea

United Kingdom

Carolyn Barton, MMO
Email: Carolyn Barton

Intelligent Ocean
Email: Alison Gill

Scanning Oceans Sectors, LTD
Email: Yvonne Miles

Seiche Ltd.
Email: Stephanie Barnicoat

Gardline Limited
Email: Andie Bradley