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Industry Funded Scallop Observer Program Call-In Guide

Fishing Year 2021 Industry Funded Scallop Observer Program Call-In Guide

Limited Access (LA) Vessels MUST provide 72 hours’ notice for an intended sail date. Date requests within the 72 hours’ notice window will not be granted.

LA General Category (LAGC) IFQ Vessels MUST provide 72 hours’ notice in advance of the upcoming calendar week (Sunday through Saturday). Only one call per calendar week is required and must be made by the Thursday preceding the week. Calls will not be back-dated if received after the calendar week has begun.

STEP I: Call the Automated IVR System at (508) 495-2100

1. Press 1 to report a trip and follow the message prompts

2. Gear type

  • Press 1 for Scallop Dredge
  • Press 2 for Scallop Trawl

3. Permit type

  • Press 1 for a Limited Access trip
  • Press 2 for a General Category IFQ trip

4. Area

  • Mid Atlantic Open Area, press 4, followed by the # key
  • Georges Bank Open Area, press 5, followed by the # key
  • Closed Area I Access Area, press 7, followed by the # key
  • Mid Atlantic Access Area, press 9, followed by the # key
  • Nantucket Lightship North Access Area, press 12, followed by the # key
  • Nantucket Lightship South-Deep Access Area, press, press 13, followed by the # key

5. Phone Number

  • Enter your 10 digit phone number (DO NOT use ‘1’ before the area code)

6. Permit Number

  • Enter your 6 digit permit number

7. Name

  • Please clearly speak your first and last name, then press # key

8. Port

  • Please say the city and state you intend to sail from, then press # key

9. Sail Date

  • Providing at least 72 hours’ notice please say the month, day, and year, then press # key

You will receive a confirmation number which MUST be retained. A waiver or observer selection email will be sent to your VMS unit within 24 hours. If you do not receive a notification within 24 hours, contact NOAA Fisheries at (508) 495-2188. If you are issued a waiver, you may begin your trip. If you receive an observer requirement, please follow the instructions in Step II.

STEP II: When selected to carry an observer

If selected for observer coverage you MUST provide at least 48 hours’ notice to the observer providers.

You are required to call all three of the observer providers in an attempt to obtain coverage, but you may choose to hire any provider that is available.

Current Industry Funded Scallop Observer Providers

  • A.I.S. Inc. (774) 200-1688
  • East West Technical Services Inc. (860) 910-4957
  • Fathom Resources LLC. (508) 990-0997

Please call the Vessel Call-in Coordinator at (508) 560-3550 to request a waiver if there are no observers available from any of the providers, or if you are cancelling or delaying your trip more than 48 hours beyond the intended sail date.


Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on August 23, 2021

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