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Coral Reefs Benefit From Reduced Land-Sea Impacts Under Ocean Warming

Local human impacts combine with global ocean warming to threaten coral reef persistence. New research finds that simultaneously reducing land- and sea-based human impacts supports coral reef persistence in our changing climate.
August 09, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Fish swimming above a colorful coral reef. Coral reef ecosystems, like this reef on Hawaiʻi Island, are more likely to persist under ocean warming when local human impacts originating from land and sea are reduced simultaneously. Credit: Arizona State University/Greg Asner

NOAA Fisheries Releases National Seafood Strategy

The strategy highlights the vital services we provide to support the seafood sector and outlines ways we can enhance its resilience in the face of climate change and other stressors.
seafood display case Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries

Gray Whale Calf Count Increases from All-time Low, Positive Sign for the Population

Twice as many calves head north to Arctic feeding grounds with their mothers.
August 09, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Photograph of a gray whale mother and her calf born this year on their northbound migration. Gray whale mother and her calf on their northbound migration.

Our 2023 IN FISH Students Share Insights

IN FISH partners NOAA with academic and non-government research institutions to offer students academic credit as well as hands-on experience.
August 09, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Collage of the 2023 IN FISH interns.

Predicting the Future to Reduce Shark Bycatch

We need reliable ways to locate sharks. NOAA Fisheries has found one.
August 08, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Shortfin mako shark swimming near the ocean surface. Shortfin mako shark swimming near the ocean surface.

Large Marine Heatwave Reaches Oregon and Washington Coasts

Researchers are tracking indicators for signs of impacts, such as harmful algal blooms.
August 04, 2023 - Feature Story ,
woman on a vessel wearing a life vest holding a silver colored fish

Restoring the Klamath River Basin: The Largest Dam Removal Project in the World

How the restoration of the Klamath watershed, the largest dam removal project in the world, will reopen access to habitat for the threatened and endangered native fish of the area.
August 04, 2023 - Podcast ,
The Klamath River mouth. Credit: Thomas Dunklin The Klamath River mouth. Credit: Thomas Dunklin

Massachusetts Dam Removals to Allow Return of River Herring After 200 Years

With $2 million in funding from NOAA Fisheries under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Town of Braintree, Massachusetts, will remove two dams, restoring 36 miles of habitat for migratory fish.
August 02, 2023 - Feature Story ,
View of the Armstrong Dam View of the Armstrong Dam. Photo Credit: NOAA Fisheries