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$197 Million in Loans Available via the Community Development Quota Program

NOAA Fisheries accepts applications for $197 million in loans for Community Development Quota groups in western Alaska.
March 28, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Harvesting Kelp in Alaska. Credit: Seagrove Kelp Co. Harvesting kelp in Alaska. Credit: Seagrove Kelp Co.

Pinniped Entanglement Group Brings Together a Worldwide Initiative

To celebrate International Seal Day, we’re highlighting a dedicated team of scientists and volunteers working to “lose the loop” and help entangled pinnipeds.
March 25, 2022 - Feature Story ,
A Steller sea lion with a packing band around its neck. A Steller sea lion with a packing band around its neck. Credit: Lauri Jemison, ADFG, 2011, taken during research conducted by Alaska Department of Fish and Game under NMFS Permit #14325.

NOAA Fisheries Names Jon Kurland New Regional Administrator in Alaska

Agency veteran brings more than 31 years of experience to the job, including three other senior leadership roles in Alaska.
March 24, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Jon Kurland posing for his headshot with trees, water, and boats in the background Jon Kurland is the new Regional Administrator for NOAA Fisheries' Alaska Region. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.

Cancer-Fighting Green Sponge Brings More Than Just Good Luck!

The unique green color of the Latrunculina austini sponge gives it St. Patrick’s Day spirit all year long. Instead of a pot of gold, this sponge’s value lies in its molecular chemical composition—it targets and kills pancreatic and ovarian tumor cells.
March 17, 2022 - Feature Story ,
A Latrunculia austini sponge is measured by red laser dots. During dive expeditions, submersibles use various cameras and sensors to survey the seafloor and water column. In this image, red lasers beamed from a submersible are being used to measure the size of a Latrunculia austini sponge. Credit: Bob Stone/NOAA Fisheries.

Meet Kim Raum-Suryan: Bringing Awareness to the Plight of Marine Mammals

Following her passion led to opportunities as the recovery coordinator for Steller sea lions, co-founding of the Pinniped Entanglement Group, and spreading NOAA’s Ocean Guardian School Program.
March 08, 2022 - Feature Story ,
Kim Raum-Suryan at Graves Rock steller sea lion rookery NOAA Fisheries Marine Mammal Specialist Kim Raum-Suryan at the Graves Rock Steller sea lion rookery near Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska.

Invasive Green Crab Monitoring: Partnerships Propel Species Management

Metlakatla Indian Community Department of Fish and Wildlife deploys updated methods to monitor invasive species.
March 02, 2022 - Feature Story ,
A female European green crab with its egg mass.

NOAA to Increase Enforcement Actions to Ensure Safety of Federal Fishery Observers, Monitors

Interference with fishery observers is illegal. Stepped-up enforcement in the Northeast will target vessel owners, captains, and crew who violate the law.
Observer in orange jacket using grid system to electronically measure a crab.