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NOAA Fisheries Scientist Receives Prestigious Award

Dr. Tom Munroe received the 2018 Robert H. Gibbs, Jr. Memorial Award in recognition of his outstanding body of published work in systematic ichthyology.
November 02, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Tom Munroe with Peltorhamphus novaezeelandiae Photo Credit C. Struthers.jpg

NOAA Law Enforcement Uncovers Illegal Harvesting Scheme: An Infographic

NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement uncovers a conspiracy ring that illegally harvested Atlantic striped bass. This infographic outlines the facts of the investigation.
October 31, 2018 - Feature Story ,
An infographic about an illegal Atlantic striped bass fishing scheme, uncovered by NOAA Enforcement.

NOAA Appoints Dr. Robert Foy as New Alaska Fisheries Science Center Director

NOAA appoints a new Science and Research Director for NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center.
October 31, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Robert Foy

Partnerships in Alaska: Models Explore the Decline of Bering Sea Fur Seals

The following is the first feature in a multi-part series about NOAA Fisheries Partnerships in Alaska. NOAA Fisheries is strengthening relationships and building partnerships with the commercial fishing industry, environmental community, academia and private...
October 31, 2018 - Feature Story ,
A Northern fur seal pup.

Restored Oyster Reefs Provide Setting for Chesapeake Bay Fishing Tournament

For anglers, restored oyster reefs provide healthy habitats that are great places for fishing!
October 26, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Chesapeake Bay recreational angler with fish.jpg

Commercial Shellfish Landings Decline Likely Linked to Environmental Factors, Not Overfishing

Combined landings between 1980 and 2010 dropped by 85 percent
October 25, 2018 - Feature Story ,
bay scallops in bottom drag

Conservation Partners Come Together to Save a Hawaiian Hawksbill Turtle

Support hawksbill sea turtle conservation by calling NOAA’s Marine Animal Response Hotline: 1-888-256-4890.
October 24, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Hawksbill sea turtle in a animal crate ready to be released back into the wild.

Sustainable Seafood: A U.S. Fisherman’s Perspective

Commercial fisherman Chris Brown has spent nearly his whole life fishing the waters of New England. See what he has to say about the current state of U.S. fisheries and why American seafood is among the most sustainable natural resources in the world.
October 24, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Commercial fisherman Chris Brown.

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office Announces Recipients of FY18 B-WET Education Grants

Roughly $2,606,000 will fund 24 projects in four states around the Chesapeake Bay watershed--including 13 new projects in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.
October 23, 2018 - Feature Story ,
B-WET students in PA stream.jpg

NOAA-Led Team Frees Entangled Whale near Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Humpback was immobilized much like a dog on a leash.
October 22, 2018 - Feature Story ,
NOAA's John Moran cuts line entangling a whale. Andy Dietrick/NOAA MMHSRP Permit #18786-03