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Compiling the First-Ever Color Portrait of Narraguagus River Thermal Habitats

Celebrating World Fish Migration Day, we check in with Valerie Ouellet, intrepid researcher studying this key habitat for endangered Atlantic salmon.
May 24, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Brook trout smolt in aquarium. A brook trout fry captured by Ouellet during a study investigating cold-water fish habitat productivity. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Benjamin Tumolo

Meet Jhen Cabasal, Marine Habitat Resources Specialist

Jhen works on projects for habitat and species conservation in Long Beach, California.
May 23, 2024 - Feature Story ,
A woman in blue-rimmed glasses, a black sweater and white shirt with black polka dots smiles at the camera. Jhen conserves and protects marine habitat and the endangered species that live in them. Credit: Jhen Cabasal

Meet Susan Meyer, Government Information Specialist

Susan researches, analyzes, and evaluates data for Freedom of Information Act requests in Alaska.
May 23, 2024 - Feature Story ,
A selfie of a woman with wet brown hair standing on a balcony. She's wearing a black v-neck shirt. There are other homes and a boat in the background. Susan Meyer is the Alaska Regional Freedom of Information Act Coordinator and Records Manager. Credit: Susan Meyer

Dam Removals Boost Atlantic Salmon Populations in Maine

Habitat restoration efforts on the Penobscot River in Maine will help Atlantic salmon population recover and support ancestral traditions of the Penobscot Nation.
May 23, 2024 - Podcast ,
A fish leaping above fast-moving water Atlantic salmon. Credit: National Park Service.

NOAA Recommends $240 Million in Fish Passage Funding under Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act

Forty-six projects will reopen migratory pathways, restore access to healthy habitat for fish, and build tribal capacity to develop and implement fish passage projects.
May 22, 2024 - Feature Story ,
A coho salmon swims up the Sol Duc river on the Olympic Peninsula. A coho salmon swims up the Sol Duc river on the Olympic Peninsula. Credit: Adobe Stock.

NOAA Fisheries Partners with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in Support of North Atlantic Right Whales

$6 million in Inflation Reduction Act funding will be available through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for vessel strike prevention technology.
May 22, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Aerial image of a right whale as it swims along. The top of its back and head are visble above the surface. A single North Atlantic right swims in the Atlantic Ocean. NOAA Fisheries/Peter Duley