Outreach and Education in the Pacific Islands

The program also designs resources and implements strategies to increase communications and understanding between the agency, our constituents, and the general public.

Biologist talking to students at an outreach event.

Biologist explains sea turtle nesting, habitat, and safe viewing information to students.


NOAA Fisheries is committed to working with school-age children, educators, and community groups and other organizations to provide educational opportunities for our island communities. We are available for presentations, professional development opportunities, community events, and engaging groups in conservation efforts.  

Our program serves to highlight and explain how we manage our fisheries, protected species, and habitats that influence and support our region. The objective of the program is to seek and create opportunities to inform and educate the public of the region's mission and its impact on the economy and environment in the Pacific. This is accomplished by the following:

  • Holding and/or attending outreach events, producing brochures and fliers, and posting on social media platforms.
  • Educating young people and growing stewards of the environment.
  • Establishing the Pacific Islands region as a resource for the community for networking with community groups, schools, and other organizations.
  • Promoting careers in marine sciences.
  • Developing age-appropriate curriculum with teachers that supports the objectives of the Pacific Islands region.
  • Designing resources and implementing strategies to increase communication and understanding between the agency, our constituents, and the general public.

Educator Opportunities

Are you looking for datasets for your students? Do you want to engage your students in meaningful, place-based activities that focus on problem-solving solutions that address real world issues here in the Central Pacific? We strive to train educators so that they can help reach not only the students they have right now, but also students that they will engage over the course of their career. Please reach out to us at pir.education.outreach@noaa.gov.

Student Opportunities

Educational Materials 

Suitcase Science Kits

We are proud to promote our new portable kits created to teach students (grades 6-8) about marine life in an interactive way. Each kit is free to borrow and includes:

  • Lesson plans aligned to both the Hawaiʻi Content and Performance Standards III and the national Ocean Literacy Principles
  • All props, equipment, and supplies necessary for a class of ~30 (student worksheets and an evaluation are also available)
  • Background information that outlines science concepts 

Learn how to request a kit today

Marine National Monuments and Sanctuaries

Providing students with a grasp of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, the Marine National Monuments in the Pacific, and the deepest part of our ocean, the Mariana Trench, just got easier.

Check some of these activities and lesson plans to help students understand these remote islands, atolls, and protected areas. 

Last updated by Pacific Islands Regional Office on October 30, 2018