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Socioeconomic Impacts of Atlantic Offshore Wind Development

May 24, 2021

Reports summarizing previous fishing activity within each offshore wind lease or project area.

NOAA Fisheries developed reports summarizing fishing activity from 2008-2018/2019 within each offshore wind lease or project area along the U.S. Atlantic Coast (for more information on individual offshore wind leases, see Bureau of Ocean Energy Management website). For commercial fishing trips, these reports highlight annualized landings and revenue by species, gear type, and fishery management plan within each area, as well as revenue by port and vessel dependence upon operations in each area. Party/charter reports highlight annualized kept catch by species and management category (a proxy for fishery management plan), annualized revenue based on passenger fees and number of anglers per trip, annualized vessel and angler trips by port, and vessel/angler dependence upon operations in each area. Both reports can be used to help identify the major species harvested, affected fishery operations, potential revenue impacted, and ports affected by offshore wind development in each area. Such information can help prepare fisheries monitoring plans and socioeconomic impact analysis.

The commercial fishing summaries are based on combining data from vessel trip reports (logbooks) and dealer reports submitted by those issued a permit for managed species in federal waters (i.e., outside of three nautical miles from shore). The methods used to determine area fished for each trip from logbook data are similar to those used to develop our Fishing Footprints page. The party/charter fishing summaries are based on combining kept catch and angler data from logbooks submitted by vessels issued a federal party/charter permit with the average annual angler fee per state derived from periodic NOAA surveys of party/charter operators (see Lovell et al., 2020). 

This project is a joint effort of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (Dr. Geret DePiper, Dennis Corvi, Marina Chaji), NOAA’s Office of Science and Technology (Dr. Eric Thunberg), and the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (Douglas Christel, Benjamin Galuardi). For more information about these reports or fisheries issues associated with offshore wind development, please contact Doug Christel.

Offshore wind lease and project areas on Atlantic
Current Offshore Wind Leases and Project Areas, Credit: BOEM

Lease or Project Area (Lease number)

Updated July 9, 2021

Please note that many of the project areas used to generate these reports are outdated and do not reflect the most recent project areas under consideration. NOAA Fisheries is working with BOEM and developers to acquire the most accurate project areas to update these reports. We will post these updated reports as soon as we receive the updated project areas.

NOAA Fisheries recommends caution when interpreting these reports, and does not recommend using them for any quantitative analysis until they can be updated. Please contact the NOAA Fisheries staff listed above if you have any questions.

Massachusetts/Rhode Island 

Bay State Wind 1 (0500)

Bay State Wind 2 (0500 remainder)

Beacon Wind (0520)

Deepwater Wind (0487)

Liberty Wind 1 (0522)

Liberty Wind 2 (0522 remainder)

  • Commercial
  • Party/Charter - An insufficient number of trips is available at this time to generate the report.

Mayflower Wind 1 (0521)

  • Commercial
  • Party/Charter - An insufficient number of trips is available at this time to generate the report.

Mayflower Wind 2 (0521 remainder)

Revolution Wind (0486)

Vineyard Wind 1 (0501)

Park City Wind (0501 remainder)

New York

Empire Wind (0512)

New York Bight Lease Areas

South Fork Wind (0517)

Sunrise Wind (0487)

New Jersey

Atlantic Shores Wind (0499)

Ocean Wind 1 (0498)

Ocean Wind 2 (0498 remainder)

Boardwalk Wind (0512)


Garden State Offshore Energy I (0482)

Skipjack Wind I (0519)

Skipjack Wind II (0519 remainder)


US Wind 1 (0490)

US Wind 2 (0490 remainder)


Commonwealth of Virginia Research (0497)- This area is too small to support a report for either commercial or party/charter trips.

Dominion Wind (0483)

North Carolina

Kitty Hawk Wind (0508)

Commercial Fisheries Data Download Website

The Commercial Fisheries Data Download Website allows users to download commercial fisheries landings and revenue data by year, species, fishery management plan, and wind energy area.  These data are the same as those used to generate the commercial fisheries reports above.

Last updated by Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office on 07/26/2022