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Alaska Region Electronic Technologies Implementation Plan

January 01, 2015

The Implementation Plan provides information about the specific electronic monitoring/electronic reporting initiatives in Alaska. Also see September 2018 Amendment.

September 2018: Amendment to the Alaska Region Electronic Technologies Implementation Plan

This document provides the Electronic Technology Implementation Plan for the Alaska region to meet the milestones outlined in the Policy Directive 30-133, Policy on Electronic Technologies and Fishery-Dependent Data Collection. The  Plan does not replace the EM/ER strategic plan for the North Pacific nor does it supplant the implementation work that the Council’s EM Workgroup is undertaking to integrate EM into the halibut and sablefish fishery. Instead, this document provides information about the specific EM/ER initiatives that are currently being undertaken to work toward implementing our vision where electronic monitoring and reporting technologies are integrated into NMFS North Pacific fisheries-dependent data collection programs where applicable. We provide a progress report on that implementation and information on the EM/ER initiatives underway. The document borrows heavily from the products generated from the EM Workgroup and information in the EM/ER Strategic Plan. Where appropriate, we have provided cross-references to the strategic Goals and Objectives. 

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 06/13/2022

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