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Arctic Impressions: A Photographic Journey Along Alaska’s Arctic Coast (ShoreZone)

January 01, 2014

A selection of images along Alaska’s coast taken during ShoreZone aerial surveys

The Alaskan Arctic can be a verdant and colorful landscape supporting a vast array of plants, animals, and even people. These remote and almost inaccessible Arctic communities have learned to take advantage of the rich resources available in all shapes and forms; nurturing an appreciation for the action of dynamic elements found along the coast. This spectacular coastline is always shifting; even more so now that sea ice leaves the coast earlier in the summer and returns later in the fall. The Arctic coast, still remote and inaccessible even by Alaskan standards, is changing even before most will ever know it. The Alaska ShoreZone program has been able to document Arctic coastal biology and dynamic processes through high-resolution aerial imagery, videography, and ground assessments: a snapshot in time of the ever-changing Arctic coast. Some of the most spectacular of these images have been collected in this volume, Coastal Impressions: A Photographic Journey Along Alaska’s Arctic Coast. Glance through these pages, study and ponder over them, then close your eyes and imagine. Wipe away your preconceived notions of the Arctic and learn about the gem that is the true Arctic coast.

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