Biological Opinion on the Alaska Federal/State Preparedness Plan for Response to Oil & Hazardous Substance Discharges/Releases (Unified Plan)

May 15, 2015

This Biological Opinion presents NOAA Fisheries' review of the status of the listed species considered in this consultation, the condition of the critical habitat, the environmental baseline for the action area, all the potential effects and exposure of the action as proposed, and cumulative effects. NMFS Consultation Number: AKR-2014-9361

This document is the product of a consultation pursuant to Section 7(a)(2) of the ESA and implementing regulations found at 50 Code of Federal Regulations Part 402. This consultation considers whether the effects of these actions are likely to jeopardize the continued existence of Steller sea lions in the western Distinct Population Segment, humpback whales, Cook Inlet beluga whales, North Pacific right whales, fin whales, blue whales, ringed seals, Beringia bearded seals, bowhead whales, sei whales, sperm whales, Western North Pacific gray whales, 6 Chinook salmon DPSs, coho salmon, and 4 DPSs of steelhead trout.

Action Agencies: United States Coast Guard, District 17 and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 04/17/2020

Section 7 Consultation Biological Opinions